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Welcome To Utah Pediatric Trauma Network

Utah Pediatric Trauma Network – The State of Utah is divided into five emergency medical services and trauma regions with established trauma hospital(s) within each area. Until recently, no formal Statewide trauma system existed to track and measure clinical outcomes in order to improve overall trauma performance within the individual regions, or the State as a whole.

Utah Trauma Performance Improvement Regions

Using existing Utah State statutes, a 2018 Joint Senate Resolution established the Utah Pediatric Trauma Network (UPTN) to ensure that an injured child could get the very best possible care, regardless of where in the State the injury occurred. The UPTN is a non-competitive, transparent, Utah Department of Health-directed program aimed at better understanding how injured children are cared for across Utah.

By more fully understanding how injured children are cared for, the UPTN can implement meaningful change across the network though protocol development and implementation, education and training, and performance data review. The overall goal is to allow injured children to be treated at an appropriate healthcare facility as close as possible to home. This requires including all involved care providers, from pre-hospital emergency medical services to the initial care at a smaller or more rural hospital to definitive or specialized care at a major trauma center when necessary.

Right Care | Right Time | Right Place

The Utah Pediatric Trauma Network will develop, refine, and recommend methodologies, standards, and guidelines to reduce morbidity, mortality, and the cost of injury to pediatric patients in Utah. One of the primary goals of the UPTN is to help extend pediatric trauma expertise to all providers who treat injured children within the State. By collaborating with each facility, best care guidelines and benchmarks of quality care will be established based on the individual facility’s capabilities and resources. Thus, working towards the right treatment of each injured child at the right facility within the right period of time.

Our vision

The vision of Utah Pediatric Trauma Network is to establish a Statewide network, inclusive of all regions and hospitals in Utah. We wish to collectively implement injury prevention initiatives, develop evidence-based best practices for medical management of injury, improve the outcomes for the victims of trauma, and decrease the financial and personal cost to the citizens and families of the State of Utah.