Reduce Morbidity and Mortality

Utah Pediatric Trauma Network Dashboard

Available to participating hospitals.

Please contact UPTN program manager for access.

Hospital Participation in UPTN Data Collections

98% participation

Hospitals across Utah are encouraged to submit data to the Utah Pediatric Trauma Network REDCap data project. The purpose of data collection is for quality assessment and performance improvement.

UPTN REDCap Submissions

Mild and Very Mild TBI admitted to PED and PED+ Facilities

Not transferred to PED1

Complicated mild, moderate, or severe TBI referred for follow up care

Jan 2019-Q3 2022

Pediatric Hospital Categorization

Hospital Categories

Hospitals self-categorize their pediatric resource level using the UPTN pediatric hospital guidelines. The categories are PED-ED, PED, PED+, and PED1.